Sunday, 6 February 2011

Transitions Exhibition

The idea of this exhibition was to somehow 'translate' our practice. Considering that my usual work is very much about me, my thoughts and my subconscious I wanted to use this opportunity to delve into other people's minds. By using a personality test I had already tried on myself I got all of my friends and fellow exhibitors to draw me a tree, which I then would analyse using the test, the objective being that the way in which a person draws a tree, (e.g roots, branches) can define certain traits in their personality.
My initial idea was to display the results on the wall but when it came to it, it didn't look as impressive as I had imagined. I therefore came up with this idea, to show the work as an installation and to create an inviting atmosphere which had an 'in progress' feel. This also allowed the viewer to interact with the piece. I think this turned out to be quite successful and I was pleased that many people sat down to draw their own trees during the private view.
What I have learnt from doing this exhibition is that I have to take more time to think about how I would like my work to be viewed, and to consider this while I am actually making it. Hopefully this experience will inform my current practice in a positive way as I want to incorporate this way of working into future work.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Beautiful Tree

This is a close up of a beautiful tree I found whilst wandering through Victoria Park, it inspired one of my prints below. Can anyone else see the profile of a woman's face inside this tree or is it just me?