Friday, 27 January 2012

Feeding Time

A drawing I sold to my lovely friend Rosie, I just realised I never put it up here and its ones of my favourites :)

Alice in Wonderland

I finally got the opportunity to venture up to Liverpool at the weekend to visit the Alice exhibition at Tate Liverpool before it finished. As I have been a massive fan of both the Alice stories and Surrealism for some time now this was right up my street. What I found interesting about this exhibition was its focus on the influence the books have had on artists and surrealists in particular. What I didn't realise was how highly Lewis Carroll was regarded within the British Surrealist Group, naming him their 'surrealist ancestor'. The show was packed with work by Max Ernst, Dorethea Tanning, Peter Blake and Dali to name a few. I was shocked to find that Dali had collaborated with Walt Disney to produce a short animation called Destino

It was also very interesting to see the mock up and drawings for the original book by Carrol, Alice Underground, showing how the story evolved into what we know it as now.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Money Trees

The other day I came across these photographs of money trees which I think are just so interesting. There are forests in the Scottish Highlands where coins are hammered and bent back into the bark of trees. Apparently it dates back to the 1700s where it hopes to bring the passers-by good fortune and take away illnesses.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


not posted in a while so lets get some inspiration on the go...

and Mr Paul Noble currently has an exhibition at Gagosian Gallery, I wish I still lived in London so I could go...

also been watching a lot of surreal stop motion animation with Ben of late, first saw Jan Svankmajer's work at Watch Me Move and fell in love.

Watch some awesome stuff here

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Degree Show News and Glasto Blues

Now I'm back from Glasto and I've had a bit of a break but its time to get back to work, and first things first- update blog! Here are some pictures of the work I put into my Degree show. Alongside my drawings I made a giant human-sized bird box to be used as an intimate gallery space to house one of my drawings. I love it so much I wish I could live in it :) Although I might have to soon if we don't find somewhere else to live! On another note, drum roll please..... I got a 2:1! and I sold a few pieces too so I'm a very happy bunny at the moment. Looking forward to making some new work soon. Peace out xxx