Saturday, 9 April 2011

Tales of Madrid

Yesterday I got back from a mini city break to Madrid, its such a beautiful city, and it was boiling hot too :) I went to the Reina Sofia and Prado Museum while I was there and saw some amazing work. My favourite find was the work of Hieronymus Bosch (which unfortunately seems to be the only work I didn't take any photos of- must google!) His work is so detailed and enchanting, I could have looked at it all day.
Obviously I also saw Guernica which was one of the main reasons why we went to Madrid and lots and lots of surrealism, I think I now finally appreciate Dali; in particular his Invisible Man which I have never seen before. I am really interested in surrealism at the moment and there was a lot of exciting stuff in the Reina Sofia.
Prado was also nice, a lot like Tate Britain but we but a little disappointed as Goya's drawings and prints were not on show as they were being moved to a bigger exhibition of his work :( We also visited  the Templo de Debod, an egyptian temple smack bang in the heart of Madrid, kinda weird place to have it but nevertheless it was really interesting and you could still see all the original hieroglyphics on the inside walls.
 In all, I saw some pretty inspiring stuff, even the architecture was beautiful. Today I plan to recover from the tiredness and amount of Sangria/Mojitos consumed and plan out some new drawings inspired by what I've seen over the past couple of days......... :)

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